Beem It Melbourne Cup Sweepstake

You asked, we delivered—the Beem It Melbourne Cup Sweepstake is back! 

We’re always looking for ways to make mixing money & mates easier. So if you’re on the hunt for a simple and cashless solution to run your sweep this Melbourne Cup, we’ve got you covered. 

All you have to do is: 

  1. Pick from one of the following sweepstake options

    1. $2 sweepstake 

    2. $5 sweepstake

    3. $10 sweepstake 

  2. Get all your sweepstake participants to complete Beem It registration.

  3. Send participants the QR code for the horse that they draw for the sweepstake and get them to scan it in app.

  4. Next, just follow the prompts, which in true Beem It style is as easy as swiping right to pay.

  5. Make sure you keep track of who has what horse. We would recommend recording this on the sweep sheet.  

  6. Once the race is run, simply pay the winnings to the users who placed first/ placed last/ didn’t race/ etc as part of your sweep - It’s your choice!!

Enjoy your Melbourne Cup Day and good luck from all of us at Beem It.

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