Your Beem Bundle for 2022 is here!

2022 was a big year for us; we introduced our new colours and slimmed down our name. We’re finishing off the year strong with a bundle of exciting things. 

But enough about us, we got to enjoy another lap around the sun with you and because we’re nostalgic about it, we’ve created a little something to capture what a year it’s Beem. 

We’ve crafted persona’s that represent all the many qualities and features that make our Beemers unique. So while we’re busy packaging up your Bundle, keep reading for a treat of what’s to come.. 



The Beemfluencer is a trend setter, free spirit & natural leader. You set the tone wherever you go and are up-to-date with the latest. You are a true trailblazer and trusted advisor in the group. Most importantly, you’re consistent, even when it comes to Beem. Keep doing you and your hard work will pay off in 2023! 


The Diplomat is loyal, charismatic and non-judgemental. People love being in your company and are drawn to your open nature. You’re loyal to the team, empathetic and a great listener. Your friends come to you for life advice. Ultimately, you’re the G.O.A.T of your Beem groups, the real MVP.


The Socialite is quick-witted, adventurous and unreserved. You’re a true ambivert and love meeting and making new connections wherever you go. The ultimate swipe righter and transaction master. Opportunities are knocking at your door so it’s time to go big. 


The UFO is perceptive, spontaneous and unidentified. You’re vigilant and wise, you usually prefer to observe first, then take action. Your mates have come up with conspiracy theories on whether you even exist on Beem. It’s time to prove them wrong and cement your Beem existence. There’s a whole galaxy out there for you to explore! 

Now it’s time to conquer what you’ve Beem’d on. Head to the app here to view your 2022 Beem Bundle and check out which persona you are.

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