Tis’ the season to Beem!

We’ve got your back this holiday season.

Here at Beem, we know how chaotic this time of year can be! Forgetting a gift or two could make for an awkward Christmas lunch. Rest assured, we’ve got your back.

We’ve put together a little guide on all the ways Beem can be your MVP this Christmas.

Gift cards

We’ve all been there; left your gift shopping to the last minute, now you’re at Christmas lunch and you’re about to swap gifts. Panic sets in, you start to sweat but then you remember you can instantly send personalised gift cards via Beem - to anyone, Beemer or not!

You quickly retreat to a quiet area and start to filter through our awesome choice of gift cards and get to work on your (very) last-minute xmas shopping.

Christmas is saved!

Tie up your IOU’s

The only time your mates like payback is when it’s in regards to the Beem requests you keep ignoring. This season give them the gift they really want and tie up those IOU’s.

Split gifts

You and a few others have decided to go all in and get a joint pressie - nice! Let us do the hard yards and work out who owes what.

Simply start a group, add your fellow pressie givers and split the cost. Some group names we feel could work well; “Santa’s elves” “The Givers” “Go big or go home”. Your options are endless. 

Gifts for them, cashback for you

While you’re shopping for everyone else, don’t forget about yourself. Make sure you are shopping via Beem Rewards with your linked card so you collect some Beembucks for all your generosity!

When you have over $10 Beembucks in your wallet, you can cash them out and get yourself a little Christmas treat!

Merry gifting!

*Terms and Conditions apply. Neither Beem Rewards nor Beembucks have any monetary value. Any value assigned and any redemption is at the sole discretion of Digital Wallet Pty Ltd. There is no entitlement to Beem Rewards and Beembucks until Digital Wallet has notified the user that their Beem Rewards have a value, the user has accumulated more than AUD$10 in Beembucks notified value and the user has requested redemption, provided Digital Wallet has not given notice cancelling the Beem Rewards Program before that time. For more information, please refer to the Product Disclosure Statement and Terms and ConditionsPrivacy Policy and Beem Rewards Terms and Conditions.

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