Spotlight On: Lauren our AML superstar!

We sat down with Lauren to chat about all things Beem and what makes a crime-fighting AML superstar get up and go every morning and work for the greatest payments app of all time - yes, we’re a bit biased. Lauren is a long-time Beemer and even longer AML superstar, with a vast amount of knowledge in the sector, she is breaking the stereotype that AML teams aren’t fun - especially the team here at Beem. 

Read on to know a little bit more about Lauren. 

What’s the first thing you do when you get up in the morning?

After hitting snooze on the alarm at least 6 times, getting myself a coffee. It’s not necessarily the absolute first thing I do, but it is my biggest priority – my day doesn’t start until I am caffeinated. 

What’s the biggest misconception people have about your role?

I’m not sure about the role specifically, but for our team/department, it’s probably that we are straighty 180s who don’t have fun, like to say no to everything and are “business blockers”, which absolutely isn’t the case!

What is your biggest challenge working in this space?

That’s hard to say, there are so many (but in a good way). I think most of the challenges we face are ultimately down to finding a balance between our legal & regulatory obligations (or expectations), and the wants & needs of the business. They aren’t always 100% in sync, but it is made easier by the fact that we work with great people who are committed to our goal, and who are prepared to work as a team to get the job done. I think staying on top of everything too - not just the day-to-day work (which can be a lot), but staying on top of the changes in the industry, emerging trends, keeping our professional training up-to-date.

What’s your go-to productivity trick?

Noise-cancelling headphones on, some kind of music (something that isn’t going to catch my attention, like a “focus” playlist, or even classical music) & a clearly defined to-do list, or target.

How would you describe the Beem team in one word?


Can you tell us about your own career progression and why you joined Beem?

My career progression has been far from normal! I worked at a bank for a bit, then in retail, then back to a bank & repeated that cycle once more (just to be sure). I ended up in this space purely by chance - I was working in a call centre, and had an opportunity to apply for a role as a Fraud Analyst, which I got (no idea how!). From there, I also lucked my way into a role as an AML Analyst & haven’t looked back! Ultimately, I found my way to Beem (back when it was Beem It, and still owned by the banks), in a classic case of right place, right time. I was contemplating a change of scenery when I heard about this new start-up that had a role open which seemed right up my alley, so I went for it, and got it! I chose Beem because it was a chance to be part of something new, to help shape what we do & how we do it. I also saw it is an opportunity to work alongside some incredibly knowledgeable & passionate people. I would have been crazy not to take the chance, and I am so glad I did.

Without naming names (unless you’re so inclined), what was a boss/mentor/manager you had that had the biggest/positive impact on you and why?

Two spring to mind, Susie & Cameron. They were both my manager at very different times in my life, in very different industries, but they have both had such a huge impact on me. They were always clear with their expectations, and firm, but they also treated me (and the team) fairly. I always felt supported both personally & professionally – I wasn’t just a number to them, I was a whole person who had a life outside work & they understood that.

What show are you currently binge-watching? Or a book you just can’t put down?

I just finished watching Stranger Things from Season 1 to Season 4 and I’m now on the hunt for a new show to binge-watch. Before that, it was Outback Opal Hunters!

What is your biggest pet peeve?

Not my biggest pet-peeve, but people who don’t use blinkers when they drive is right up there (the indicator is right there). And people who are rude to retail/hospo staff who are just trying to do their job.

What artist/band is your guilty pleasure?

OneDirection and I have no shame in admitting that! Growing up in the 90s means that I grew up listening to Backstreet Boys, *NSYNC, 5ive, 98Degrees, Westlife etc. Their music feels simpler & wholesome which I enjoy!

Here at Beem, we’re always looking for feedback on how we can grow, evolve, and change to better support our Beemer community. The ‘Spotlight On’ series is designed to focus on the career trajectories, passions, philosophies and journeys of the wonderfully diverse team here at Beem HQ. The series aims to inspire and educate members of our community who are chasing their own unique and individual career journeys. If there’s a Beemer you’d like to see us interrogate chat to next, let us know and we’d love to make it happen.

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