Say hello to Beem!

Notice something a *little* different? We’ve levelled up, and not only in the looks department. We’ve lost ‘it’ on purpose. What that means is we now have a shorter name, and a much bigger mission to compensate. Say goodbye to the bulky, chuck in your bag retro wallet, and say hello to a shiny, new, all-in-one app that does more than store stuff.  

As we know, change takes time, so no need to worry about jumping into the app and it being extremely different. We’re taking things slow, to ensure as always you have a seamless and killer experience. Check out below our flashy new app icon down below 😍

This is what you’re going to look out for now when you log into Beem. FUN! For now, that’s all that’s changing from an app perspective, not too drastic (yet). If you love the change and want to be the first to experience any newness we roll out - sign up to be a part of our beta tribe!

We know, you love hearing from us, either via social, email, or sometimes a sneaky notification on your phone. We will be completely embracing our new look here, so be ready to be in awe of our logo and beautiful colours! 

Why Beem? Why now? Why even rebrand at all? All valid questions which we’re going to settle right here and now. We’ve been Beem It for a long time and as we keep evolving and adding new functionality to the app, saying “Beem It” just didn’t roll off the tongue. It was time to shred the IT and make way for an all-new Beem, which fits us perfectly. At the moment our team is working hard in the development trenches, creating an even better Beem - hard yes, but we have a massive goal, & this means constantly evolving to create the best payment experience known to man (*cue dramatics*). This is why our rebranding needed to start now. As we level up to greatness we needed a fresh new look to take us there. Be sure to follow us on social to see our fresh new look unfold.

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