Spotlight on Ramie: Our customer support guru

Our customer support team is nothing short of amazing when it comes to helping Beemers. From downloading the app to giving us feedback and suggestions-the customer support team are there. While it’s a massive team effort, we thought we would sit down with our very own Customer Operations Manager, Ramie Yacoub, to understand what his journey has been like.


Inspired by something new 

Why did you want to work at Beem It?

I remember first reading about Beem in the newspaper towards the end of 2017. A joint venture starting with three big banks. I found myself eager to learn more. Next stop was the internet - I was searching for new information and soon found myself talking about the company with family and friends. Then a couple of months later I identified an opportunity to apply for a Customer Support Manager role at the company. I sensed the higher calling and went for the role. Being a successful candidate, I uplifted my Melbourne roots and relocated my life to Sydney as I embraced the exciting adventure ahead of me. 


What were the early days like at Beem It?

I hit the ground running, something that I need to do jumping in the Fintech space and adapting to a startup environment. My dedication to learn and absorb as much as possible directed me on a path where I was able to expand myself, working with various marvellous minds across the business. As I liaised with each team, I would bring forward feedback from our customers and share different perspectives. These insights then assisted teams to understand customer experiences and to ensure we were keeping the user at the centre of our designs. One of the insights I remember being implemented the most was increasing the daily payment limit to $2000. This provided our users more flexibility with the amount they could send each day. We received positive feedback around this change as it met the needs of our users.

Running with the team 

Why do you enjoy working in customer support?

Working in the customer support space, I have the unique opportunity to hear what our customers are saying first-hand which also makes me the gatekeeper for the broader business. We are contacted by an array of users reaching out for a variety of reasons; whether it be for some assistance, to share new ideas and suggestions, or when we’re lucky, just telling us how much they love Beem It. Each query we receive from our users, in addition to the thoughts shared, brings value to the way we operate by challenging our assumptions around what we should prioritise. 


What’s the Customer Support team like?

I work with a wonderful team in the support area. We’re a cheery bunch - the type who wish each other a ‘Happy Friday’ at the end of the week. As a team, we are passionate about assisting our users as best and as quickly as possible. We know no matter how big or small the interaction may be, it has the potential to either add or detract from the overall user experience.

What’s the ‘secret sauce’ to making customers' lives better?

We find the best way to provide the best service is to work collaboratively to understand the fundamental user concerns or queries, share best practices and trends, and to ultimately determine the ideal solution for the specific users’ needs. Together we determine the best course of action, resolving any roadblocks and directing them on a path to continue their Beem It experience.

What are some highlights of working at Beem It?

I have the privilege of working with brilliant minds across the business and for me this makes my job so much more rewarding. My colleagues are always intrigued to hear feedback from the world of customer support. Together we look at different projects, consider the smoothest user journey, come up with new ideas for the app and enhance the way we operate. They’re also keen to take advantage of customer support in ways you wouldn’t normally see in a business growing as rapidly as Beem It. For example, when developing a new feature, we’re looped in at an early stage to identify potential user concerns or even present their feedback to date for consideration. I always look forward to showcases where the team shares the production of their hard work and presents upcoming features and refined pieces.

Taking a moment to reflect back

My time with Beem It to date has allowed me to contribute to the business and see the app evolve since pre-launch. The application started with payments, grew to include expenses between groups and further developed to store loyalty cards. It did not stop there, continuing to bloom by taking the gifting experience to the next level with customisable gift cards that allow the recipient to digitally unwrap their gift. Perpetuating with innovation, the app recently introduced a simplified method to pay bills with Bpay - a fresh element that more and more users are engaging with and providing glorious feedback for an added convenience to their daily lives. I know there are only more exciting features ahead as we continue to evolve and define the famous digital wallet.


How do you use the Beem It app?

I really enjoy the social side of Beem It. Having the ability to send or request money accompanied by a message brings a sense of positive energy when I use the app. If I’m paying a friend back for dinner, I tend to add a joke that plays on something that was discussed that night. I’m also a fan of emojis - I believe they have been infused with our everyday language and the ability to incorporate them with my payment messages enriches the experience between groups of friends. It was not long ago when Beem It released stickers and Giphy. These are animations and themes that can be bonded with payments, requests and gift cards. Sure, these components are simple and fun, however I can also add other emotions to the transactions depending on my circumstances and the way I wish to tailor the message. Whether I am paying a mate for movie tickets, wishing a relative ‘Happy Birthday’ or helping someone through a tough time, payments are part of our lives and I believe it’s important to tailor the message that goes with them between friends and family. 


Taking a moment to reflect back

My adventure with Beem It continues and I look forward to the expedition ahead!  We’re a small team, but a good one and I can’t wait to see where we go from here. 


We hoped you enjoyed learning about Ramie and Beem It. If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve connecting with each other, whether it’s an app innovation or something we could do at work, we would love to hear from you. We're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here


What is Beem It?

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