Why gift cards work for Valentines Day

I can see the social media comments on this already - “who gives gift cards on Valentines day? It’s always dinner and chocolates for me” or “feel sorry for whoever’s getting those on Valentines day” or “break up with him, immediately”. 

But before you join the chorus of naysayers, make sure you read on to work out why we think giving a gift card, especially on Beem It, is a great thing to do this Valentines day. Who knows, maybe you’ll change your mind?


1. You can be a Valentine to your friends.

Why should couples only get to celebrate? Beem It is a perfect way to surprise your friends who won’t be expecting anything special. Put yourself in their position. Your friend could be in the middle of watching some cheesy action/romantic/drama movie to make themselves feel better then “ding” - A Beem It notification with a funny GIF and an UberEats gift card arrives, encouraging them to order some Ben and Jerry’s ice cream. What single person (or even person in a relationship) would not want that? Plus, it’s a great way to spend valentine's day no matter what your situation is. 

If UberEats or ice cream isn’t their thing, then you can always help them update their wardrobe with an ICONIC voucher. You could surprise a friend with a JB-Hi-Fi gift card, get a video game and complete it together (‘video-tines day’). There are over 70 different retailers, so I am sure you can make someone's valentines day that bit more special. 


2. It can save you if you’re a forgetful Valentine

Have you ever agreed with your partner not to get something for Valentines day, then they end up getting something? Luckily you can cover yourself and possibly even one up them with one of our gift cards. 

Make your tricky loved one feel special and one up them with a gift card from their favourite retailer. You could also spend a bit more than they did on you to ensure they can’t complain about you “not getting them anything”. The gift cards are instant as well, so if you're quick enough on your phone, you could send them the surprise the moment they give you yours. 


3. Gift cards actually work for Valentines day

Want to go all out? You wouldn’t get your valentine just a gift card, but it’s definitely worth adding to an array of gifts. You could send it to your valentine as part of the surprises that may arrive throughout the day. I would wake my partner up with breakfast, send them flowers during the day as well as a Beem It gift card. I would then finish the day off by taking my partner out to dinner. How can you beat that!? 

Not going all out? A Beem It gift card can be a great way to show your valentine that you get them, but also realise they are unusually picky. Rather than leaving half the box of chocolates because they don’t like dark, they can go grab something they actually want with a David Jones voucher.

The beauty of the Beem It gift card is that it’s easy, can be sent to them instantly, plus you can add your own personal touch, which makes it a bit more special than just a normal gift card. 


To help you make it special, here are my picks for Valentine GIFS. 


Classic love. Awwwwwwww


Will Ferrell always brings the joy

The best way to a heart is through the stomach


All the hearts

Anti-valentines day


4. Split happens!!

Valentine's day is old school anyway, just like using cash and having one person pay for dinner maybe gifts aren’t the way to go. Make sure you’re part of the future and go full anti-valentines day by splitting the bill. Use Beem It to make it quick and easy. That way on Valentines all you have to really worry about is explaining why it shouldn’t be a holiday. 

Convinced? Not convinced? What do you think of using gift cards for valentines day? Would you send one and which retailer would you use? 


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