What’s brewing? We take a look at Beem It coffee habits for International Coffee Day☕️.

Let’s celebrate International Coffee Day on October 1st by having a look  through some Beemer coffee payments. We’ve grinded through all the coffee bean data and filtered out all the interesting points to serve up a delicious mix of #spillthebeems coffee facts to ‘caffeinate’ your thoughts and hopefully inspire your next payment.   

Need a coffee first? We’re running a competition for that! Check out the details at the bottom of the article, but be quick! 

Beem It facts to caffeinate you:

  • There has been over $1.5 million spent with the word “coffee” in the description and over $165 thousand using the “☕️ “ symbol. 

  • On average any transaction with “coffee” as a description is $10.18. Where does one get a $10 coffee? It would taste amazing!! Or if not a $10 coffee where do you find a friend who will pay for yours as well as theirs?

  • If Beemers made a payment that involved a “coffee” and something else (think “brekky roll”) the average payment spend was $25.08. 

  • Thursday is the day where we see the highest “coffee” transactions. Clearly Beemers need that coffee hit the most to ensure they finish the working week strong. 

  • Beemers who are 20-24 have made the most coffee transactions. Those in their 30’s spend less on coffee on the weekend than Beemers who are in their 20’s. 

Now for some descriptions from Beemers you might want to mug (see what I did there). These coffee themed payments will inspire how you can pay or request money from friends when delicious black gold (coffee) is involved. They’re also highly relatable if you ask the coffee friends at Beem It HQ.

  • ️ ☕ coffee and a 🎥  movie 😉 

  • Groceries + an extra coffee ️☕ ❤️

  • brunch and Ubers ️☕ 💖

  • sustenance ☕ 🍇 🥩 🌮 🥘

  • Lunch + coffee☕

  • lunches, coffees and love ️❤️ ☕ 🥖

  • lunch 🥂 🥩 + groceries 🛍️  + brunch☕

  • golf ️⛳ coffee ☕ and anything you desire ❤️ 😘

Beem It makes coffee rounds a lot easier by helping you get the money you are owed for anything you pay for. All you need to do is ‘request’ a payment from a friend if you shouted a coffee or ‘pay’ a friend on Beem It when they get yours (don’t make them beg). It’s instant, secure and very easy. 


Beem It International Coffee Competition

We’ll shout you your next coffee!! You could be in with a chance to win 1 of 50 $5 cash prizes for your next coffee on us plus the top 10 will receive KeepCups. 

To enter, simply:

  1. Follow @BeemIt on Instagram.

  2. Like our #InternationalCoffeeDay giveaway Instagram post

  3. Tag a coffee buddy in the comments and tell us the most annoying coffee order you’ve ever had to ask for. The most creative will win!

Eligibility criteria

  • You must be a payment ready customer, if not, you must sign up to Beem It and add a valid debit card to your newly set up account to be eligible. 

  • You must have an instagram account.

  • Giveaway starts 10am on the 1/10/2020 and closes 11:59PM AEST 4/10/2020, with all winners contacted on the 07/10/2020.


  • We will reach out to notify all 50 winners via DM on instagram on the 07/10. We’ll need your Beem It handle and your address if you’re in the top 10, so we can send you the KeepCup. 


If you liked what you read and are hungry for payment facts, make sure to be following Beem It on Instagram or follow the hashtag #SpillTheBeems. We will be showcasing more interesting, weird and wonderful insights about Beemers for you to enjoy.


If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve connecting with each other, whether it’s an app innovation or something we could do at work we would love to hear from you. We're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here support@beemit.com.au 

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