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It’s bloody amazing that the footy finals are here. What a year it’s been and well done to all for making the sporting year as great as it can be despite all the challenges that COVID has brought. What’s even better is that they’ve also managed to get the two major codes back to back this weekend!

How will you be watching the action? Will you be going to the pub, a BBQ at your place, or will you be organising a mini-stadium set up and imagining you were there (we see you Victoria). We’re fans of staying in at the moment (the game is better on the screen anyway) and whether it be by yourself, or with a few mates your weekend double header doesn’t need to be hard.  

To maximise ease you could go all delivery getting all your pre, post and during game snacks from Uber/Menulog/Deliveroo (whichever your favourite pizza joint is with) and all your drink needs from Jimmy Brings. Then whichever way you decide to watch the action, you can get the money you’re owed from your friends with Beem It.  Whether it be for their share of the party supplies or their losing bet for the punters club, all that you will have to worry about is whether your team will win. 

So to wet your appetite here are some stats about the teams in the NRL and AFL finals from payments made this year on Beem It. We’ll even put them together to give you our grand final predictions - disclaimer these do not represent the views of the blog writer (Storm, please). 


For the NRL final (Storm 11-2):

  • “Storm” has been used in payment descriptions more times than “Panthers”. 

  • Interestingly more value has been used on payments that use the word “Panthers” in the description by an extra $1,000 overall. 

  • If we look at the captains, Smith appears a whopping 100 times for every one mention of Cleary, maybe that’s an age thing

  • Try has occurred 112 times


The AFL finals are going to be a landslide this year (Geelong 64-2-384 d Richmond 0-11-11) .

  • Tigers’ have been used in payment descriptions 1,000 less times than ‘Cats’”,

  • Geelong has more payment value against it compared to Richmond

  • Dusty appears half as many times as Danger

  • Goal appears 640 times and Behind 211


What are your predictions? How wrong are we with the above? Let us know on our socials and whatever happens during the footy finals, make money moments easier between mates with Beem It!

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