Pet payments: what are Beemers spending on our furry friends.

Pet adoptions exploded because of COVID 19 restrictions, with many people taking the opportunity to raise puppies, house train cats, or just get some more company. So this week we wanted to see what Beemers had been paying for when it comes to their furry friends. 

An article published by the Sydney Morning Herald in April claimed that COVID increased animal adoption. Staying at home stuck with a cute little furry spoodle or a purring ragdoll cat does have its attractions, in particular during the colder winter months (let the pets on the bed, I say!!). So we thought we would see if Beemers have been spending their money on the animal kingdom. Has there been a spike in dog related dollars? A bump in cash for cats?

Overall we have seen more than $32K worth of payments with the description of “pets”, with close to half of that coming in 2020. So our furry friends have definitely been benefitting this year with the rise of ‘iso-liberation’ with animals. The amount spent on “pets” though is pretty low when compared to specific animal descriptions. I guess it makes sense as everyone has a favourite animal, whether it be a dog, cat, turtle or rock. So let’s get into the never ending ‘cat vs dog’ debate.

There have been over $109K worth of payments with the description of “cat” and $306K worth of payments for “dogs”. “Dog” payments on average are an extra $20 in comparison with “Cat” payments. So either dogs are more popular or we’re splitting more payments with friends when it comes to dogs because they’re a bit more expensive. Cats in my experience are less maintenance, so having less spend could be seen as favourable to the feline fans. Or it just may be that cats wouldn’t appreciate it anyway!

For those who have brought in a new pet/family member, a good way to manage ongoing costs would be to use our ‘Groups’ feature. Create a group for your pet and include anyone involved in pet costs (your partner, your flatmate, or that friend who convinced you to get one). Everyone can input their ongoing costs into the group and then use Beem It to calculate who owes what. Using the ‘Group’ feature will save you time and effort and will ensure everyone gets the money they deserve for taking care of your furry friend. 

So what are Beemers spending their money on when it comes to “cats” and “dogs”? Here are some of the interesting descriptions we found to help show you what Beemers are doing:


  • you need to get me matching #red socks for my dog and I

  • weetbix n dog food 🧿🧲

  • we bought a dog #12days of new home treats for our pooch

  • walking the dog

  • vet bill. sorry unable to help much. gotta save up for my dog too. but urs is a bit more urgent

  • toothbrush dog food havaianas Love Yas xx

  • me + cats rent money

  • cat-clothes-shoe

  • rent, cat food and Callum tickets

  • Roses are #red , violets are blue. Get something for the cats, and maybe yourself too.

  • rent plus cat insurance. keep the shopping money so you can do shopping

  • rent for cat



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