Streaming wars - What Beemers are watching

The Streaming wars (cue ‘Star Wars’ music) continues to heat up in Australia, especially with the launch of the new streaming service ‘Binge’. So we thought we would take a look at what platform Beemers have been using the most. At least for those who are using it and paying back their friend who has stumped up the monthly fee, we’ll leave those leeching for another time.


Table of subscription payment descriptions, February - May 2020


As COVID restrictions started, we saw spending on streaming generally increase through April and March. People have had a lot more time on their hands, stuck at home and therefore more time to binge-watch or listen to more tunes. However, as we got into the groove It looks like paying friends for streaming services has dropped. Did we watch everything that was available? Or did money just get tighter?


TIP: You can ‘set and forget’ regular payments by setting up a scheduled payment when going to pay your friend on Beem It. 


As to who is winning the war. There was an initial spike in March for Netflix and Stan, but this dropped off in the following months. Then from April all major streaming services had reduced payments with the exception for Hayu and Amazon (perhaps a late surge in wanting to watch ‘The Kardashians’ or ‘Upload’). 


Disney looks like its not as popular this month compared to previous months. Could this be due to the popularity of ‘The Mandalorian’ (Cue ‘Star Wars music’ again) and that there has been no new major TV shows that match the calibre of fandom that a Star Wars title brings?


Spotify easily takes out the crown for music streaming and easily dwarves Apple (NOTE: Apple could mean Apple music or Apple TV). One thing is for sure, and that is that music has been something people have hung onto through the period, either due to the lack of live music available, or just because it’s essential for our Beemers before and during iso-life. 


We’ll continue to watch over the coming months to watch who is winning the streaming wars with you Beemers. As winter begins to set in and isolation rules begin to ease, who knows what will happen? Will ‘Binge’ be the new Netflix or will it be a Disney? 


TIP: Make sure to thank your friend with the streaming subscription with a sticker when you pay them. Let them know they are the real MVP and make getting paid that bit more special!


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