Make your small world GREAT- let’s be happy Beemers

There is no denying our worlds have been turned upside-down recently. We’re navigating change and trialling new ways of working and socialising. Keeping safe and healthy can be tricky at the best of times and it's even more confusing (but comfy) in confinement.

Here at Beem It we are here to support you as best as possible. We will continue to provide you with social distancing approved contactless payment solutions to allow you to instantly transfer and split household bills, whilst also introducing new features, like gifting animations, to allow you to stay connected and show your appreciation even when you can’t be there with your (not so) nearest and dearest.


Let’s bring the happy back!


Drop in the word ‘happy’ in payment descriptions in March


Good mental health will be important to maintain throughout lockdown. Our new way of living will require marathon vs sprint strategies, so preparing and planning for a realistic but balanced long term approach is key.  Be kind to yourself and remember there are those things you can control and those that you cannot. Only give ‘headspace’ to the things that are in your control and you are able to influence.

Take the pressure off trying to do everything all at once, set up small goals that will allow you to embrace the positives of being in temporary lockdown and celebrate every achievement with your crew.  Try spending the extra time doing things you normally wouldn’t do or work on the one thing that you have been putting off to help improve yourself. TAFE has just announced free short courses you could use to learn a new skill and come out the other side ready and raring to go.


Let's Beem together this Easter and beyond 

Maintaining healthy relationships and connecting is important to stay happy, especially with Easter holidays coming up. Jump on a video call, run an Easter bonnet parade, play some charades and send your ‘eggs’ via a gift payment with Beem It. By sending an Easter egg gift payment on Beem you can deliver that surprise and delight experience that we’re all use to from the bunny at Easter, who could be blocked by those tough border restrictions.


Easter gift animation


Why not try one of our other beautifully created gift animations that will be sure to make any peer to peer payment a little bit more fun and personal. To send a gift payment simply sign up to the App (if you haven't already) and head over to the pay section and tap on the gift icon on the top right.


Connect with people

If you haven’t used Zoom for a catch up with a few friends or House Party to host a ‘chips and guac’ night, get with the programme and download them right now. These and many other platforms provide free and simple ways to remain connected and happy when isolated.

Tech innovations are also helping to add quirky personalised options to these online moments together, you can use stickers, animojis, or even alternate backgrounds to take the party to places outside the house.  If you wanted, you could surprise your friends with a Beem It gift payment while chatting. If they are full Beem It members they’ll receive their payment and cool gift card instantly on camera, another great way to make a virtual chat a little more special.

Check out this zoom choir in America firmly showing Corona we don’t need to be together to be strong, connected and happy.

If meeting new people is your thing don’t let time indoors restrict you, Bumble and the dating apps are a great way to meet new acquaintances (just like before). Bumble has a great new feature that allows you to meet new friends, while Tinder allows you to now match with people internationally. Like Beem It, these companies are continuing to be reactive and offering updated or new features that are improving life in isolation. For instance, check out our toilet paper animation. It’s been a Beemer pleaser with the amount of use it’s been getting over the past few weeks. 


Connect with your community to spread happiness beyond the house

We’ve been really impressed with everyone maintaining healthy social distance connections and using the online world to become a stronger world. 

Musicians and entertainers are leading the charge when it comes to bringing people together. There are an array of local artists that are live streaming from their places of isolation and a few of them are asking for donations via their Beem It handles. It’s a great opportunity to connect with some of your friends and local artists at the same time, whilst giving to a good cause. Check out Timeout for a list a great upcoming live stream gigs to ones you may have missed, including John Legend's set #TogetherAtHome. 

There are a number of locals and small businesses in different industries including ‘health & fitness’ and hospitality that are helping people connect virtually (just like entertainers). Now is a great time to spread happiness by reaching out to support them with a small donation through Beem It.


Be happy with yourself

A great way to increase feeling good is to initiate some self-care. Make sure you’re spending time on yourself doing the things that relax you and make you feel good. You could do some Yoga or finish playing that video game you’ve been trying to finish.  We asked what the Beem It team has been up to in isolation. It might give you a bit of inspiration to enjoy some of your time:

Raph, our IOS software engineer is playing WoW (World of Warcraft). He was doing that before, but since being isolated, he’s ramped it up a bit.

Adryon, in our UX team, is spending her free time walking her dog and is getting into her Yoga. She suggests checking out Adriene if you’re interested.

Divya, our strategist, is streaming everything. She’s doing birthday zoom parties and is keen on Hot Dub Time Machine live.

Jason B in our operations team is being very constructive, gardening and cooking. Check out Maggie Beer’s new nightly online vids for inspiration 

Steve in our engineering team is playing indoor badminton and Youtubing. He’s being the most creative with the limited space and desire to exercise. 

Jeremy in our marketing team is Zooming family members and friends a lot. He has his Grandmas 80th birthday on skype, who blew out virtual candles and was sent a bunch of birthday cards on Beem It.  

We hope this all helps inspire you to continue doing the good stuff that you’re already doing. Stay safe, keep doing good things for you but remember we are all in this together.

Otherwise, If you are feeling a little unhappy or anxious, reach out. Beyond Blue have a good article on dealing with mental health during COVID-19 here. Reach out to Beyond Blue Support Service which offers short term counselling and referrals by phone and webchat on 1300 22 4636.


We’re keen to hear from you and we're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here 

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