Comfort in confinement - Beem It Iso-liberation.

There is no denying our worlds have been turned upside-down recently. We’re navigating change and trialing new ways of working and socialising. Keeping safe and healthy can be tricky at the best of times and it's even more confusing (but comfy) in confinement. Here at Beem It we want to support and connect you in more ways than one, so today we are bringing you something a little different from the norm.  

The Beem It Iso-liberation series is a weekly curation of tips and tricks to help you make the most out of being isolated. We want to put a positive spin on things while you stay safe at home and embrace the ‘Iso-liberation’!


Give to feel good!

With payment technology like Beem It at your fingertips, being in lockdown is actually a perfect time to instantly connect and share a little treat with the people you care about.  We’ve already seen a spike in gift payments and spend descriptions like “toilet paper”, “groceries” and the dreaded “C” word. You can still have a bit of fun whilst sharing and paying with other Beemers check out our cool toilet paper animation and wrap it around your next payment message.


The increase of coronavirus Beem It description payments in March


How about taking it one step further? Get in touch with the people that are doing it tough right now like your local coffee shop workers, your friends or older family members and send them some love with a gift payment or tip with Beem It.



Improve yourself or learn a new skill:

Technology is a great enabler, especially at times like this when we can learn things to better ourselves from the comfort of home. Beem It means you can also pay the people you’re isolated from. You could pay them for any memberships they might have their eye on as a good gesture.


Keeping mentally fit and healthy is critical during this period of isolation and there are no longer any excuses about having no time in the busy social schedule.  Many exercise, meditation and gym apps are offering online and discount memberships right now. You could actually come out of this isolation period more toned, fit and grounded than ever before. Chris Hemsworth’s Centr is giving you a free 6-week membership. You could also support a small local business like Studiocombined a great option for pilates, yoga and barre. The ABC has also recently created Mindfully a podcast to help anyone use mindfulness in different areas of day to day life to find a calmer and happier you.

Take mental fitness a step further and learn a new skill with all this time at home. The footshake dance move that is taking over Tik Tok right now will get you moving and trending. Otherwise, bring the local library to you via Libby. Check out how to use Libby here.


Get some great watching in.

There are so many awesome shows to watch at the moment, no matter what you’re interested in. Netflix, Stan, Prime, DisneyPlus, Foxtel, Kayo all are ensuring that we’re set up to weather the isolation storm. The Brag has a list of binge-worthy shows to check out. Now could also be a good time to set up scheduled payments in Beem It. They will ensure that you are fairly paying the organiser in your household copping the Netflix subscription. Simply set it up once and forget.



Streaming and virtual events are having a moment Room 2 Radio is setting up a DJ set every weekend whilst isolation is happening. Check out the details here. Even big international stars like Coldplay and John Legend are jumping on the bandwagon and connecting their fans remotely through the web. Dance the night away in your own room with hundreds of other people in their living rooms and share in a wonderful collective experience.

Music not your thing? A lot of the technologies are bringing out timely updates to help ensure you’re still being together via technology. Facebook and Netflix now have watch parties, so you can watch and react to shows at the same time as your friends whilst keeping at least 4m apart.


Make money moments better

It’s not always fun, but now is a good time to look into budgeting. Spend the extra time at home to look at how you can improve your finances. Use the group function to help you get the money you deserve for going out to buy the toilet roll.

Overall it’s important that you keep your mind and body healthy and strong over this period. Use the time productively and for your own benefit. Make sure you are following the government's recommendations on how to stay safe and let’s get through this together Beemers!

We’re keen to hear from you and we're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here 

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