Split the bill this valentines

Dating has been changing over the past couple of years. All the new dating apps (Tinder, Bumble, Okcupid, Happn, etc) have improved the way we interact with each other, meet and fall in love. But there are also apps out there that can help with those moments when you are already together in a relationship, and I thought I would let you know how you can make your date on Valentine's Day a little easier.

Imagine that you are single. You have met someone on Bumble and organised your first get together for this Valentines Day. You have both agreed on a nice restaurant in a trendy part of town. You order a drink and a light meal (maybe you’re a little nervous). The other person is feeling great and decides to order a few cocktails, a main and a dessert. Who pays for what?


SITUATION 1- Don’t split the bill - pay for it all. 

You pay for it all, because you didn’t want to be awkward about it. You wanted to avoid the awkward money conversation, even though you weren’t sure if you were going to see the other person again. You leave the date hoping for a second date, or at least the offer that you will get paid back. 


SITUATION 2 - Awkward conversation

The waiter drops the bill off, you both look at it. There is a long pause and an uncomfortable conversation ensues about who should pay for what. After a bit of back and forth you decide to split the bill on the spot. This means a long wait while you both pay the waiter using your credit/debit cards. The waiter gives an annoyed look at you both and you know the waiter wanted just one of you to pay for the romantic meal. 


SITUATION 3- Split the money with Beem It. 

Using an app is how you met your date, so it makes sense to use an app for this moment too. Use Beem It so you can enjoy the evening instead. Instantly split the bill or request how much you are owed later on. 


Overall it makes sense to use apps for a number of interactions beyond just meeting each other in the dating world. Split the bill using Beem It, reduce the awkward conversations and enjoy the moment. If it works out you may be ‘Beeming’ more, with your valentine date. 


What is Beem It?

Beem It allows you to pay, request, split and transfer money instantly with anyone in your network, simply using your phone. Owned by CommBank, Westpac & NAB, the app is free to download and use and we won't charge you any nasty fees. Find out more about Beem It here.

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