Money does buy happiness...Kinda. The best Valentines descriptions #Splithappens

Valentine's Day was definitely eventful for you Beemers with some interesting descriptions and over 800 competition entries. 

You treated your someone special with the average #splithappens price at $43.31.

20-24 year olds led the way and showed the other age groups how it's done with 40% of their spend being split on Valentine's day with Beem It.

For your enjoyment, here are the creative winners who bagged themselves $200 for their witty Valentine’s Day entries. Who says money doesn’t buy happiness? 


The 5 Winners

  • “only here for the food not the dude #splithappens” - Yu. L

  • “our love is PHO real 🍲 #splithappens” - Filip. B

  • “Got 99 problems but a split ain’t one #splithappens” - Claire. S

  • “I love you for a lifetime, not only for a day, I love you for who you are, except when you don’t pay! #splithappens” - Thomas. G

  • “texts are left on read, i’m feeling a bit blue, you’re not my girl but i’d still split it with you 😔❤️🤘🏻#splithappens” - Chloe. K


A few more worth Mentioning

  • “He loves me, he loves me not.. he’s guaranteed to love me when he’s not paying for the whole lot #splithappens”

  • “Bank statement’s in red. The bills are due. But now I’ve got beemit. With friends I’m true! #splithappens” 

  • “twinkle twinkle little bill, how I wish to split you still, up above my reach no more, because Beem It's here to set the score #splithappens” 

  • “roses are red, violets are blue. i am broke and so are you. #splithappens” 


Our Beemers in the office didn’t want to miss out so whilst they couldn’t take part to claim the prize they wanted to see if their #splithappens descriptors were as good as yours….here is two winning entries from Tina and Ramie, both in Customer Service. What do you think??

  • “Beem It is pink. Beem It is fast. Split the bill. If you want our love to last! #splithappens” - Tina

  • “The Flash is red, Superman is blue, Beem It is quicker, Request from me to you 🤑⚡️ #splithappens #justbeemit” - Ramie


Tina has been in customer service at Beem It for just under 2 years. Her favourite way to use Beem It is to gift her 10 grandchildren. She has no favourites.

Ramie has been in customer service at Beem It for 2 years. He’s a foodie and thinks variety is the spice of life. He uses Beem It when having dinner with friends. 


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