University survival rule number 1

As university O-week begins this week, students will have to start navigating independent student life.

It can be challenging negotiating what feels like a never-ending cycle of work, study, socialising, exams, and one hell of an end of year party. One easy way to help reduce some of the stress is to provide an easy way to pay, request, split and transfer money amongst your uni crews.

Beem It is a payments app that makes it easier to split, request or pay new (or old) friends. You can pay them back instantly using the app, when they buy you a coffee or request what you're owed when you shout the study snacks. 

The Beem It app can do more than just pay, It can also help you stay on top of group activities. You can split bills when you go out for lunch with your study group, or create a group to track expenses with your flatmates. When you add multiple expenses, Beem It does all the calculations for you, so you can concentrate all your brainpower on writing those essays and joining new groups. 


What is Beem It?

Beem It allows you to pay, request, split and transfer money instantly with anyone in your network, simply using your phone. Owned by CommBank, Westpac & NAB, the app is free to download and use and we won't charge you any nasty fees. Find out more about Beem It here.

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