2019 was an epic year, you might find some surprises...

2019 was an interesting year for Beem It users. Beem It hit 1 million app downloads, and introduced new features that made it easier to pay, request, split and transfer. Consumers used Beem It in some curious ways. We thought we would share some of the intriguing facts of how ‘Beemers’ spend money on the Beem It app.

  • They’re a hungry bunch! The #1 transaction description was FOOD*.🍲

  • They paid their friends back instantly for over 45,000 pizzas, 29,000 Maccas runs and 8,000 bowls of ramen.🍕

  • When it comes to the thirst, there were 33,000 Drinks, 27,000 coffees, 11,000 beers, 7,000 wines. 6,000 made sure they paid back their friends for hydration using the description ‘water’.🍹

  • Over 80,000 transactions were for splitting an Uber, while that mate with a car got reimbursed for fuel 43,000 times.🚗

  • Mum’s the word with our users mentioning “Mum” 3 times more than “Dad”. 👪

  • 17,000 people said “Hi”, and 15,000 sent kisses with an “xx”. 💕

Bring on 2020!


What is Beem It?

Beem It allows you to pay, request, split and transfer money instantly with anyone in your network, simply using your phone. Owned by CommBank, Westpac & NAB, the app is free to download and use, we won't charge you any nasty fees. Find out more about Beem It here.

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