The Gift of Great Christmas GIFs

Beem It has all your last minute presents covered with the new instant and easy gift card gifting feature. It’s even got you covered if you’re gifting to someone who doesn’t have Beem It. Now the only thing you really need to worry about now is what GIF and message you need to wrap it in. 

That’s right. Let’s give a frosty farewell to scrambling through shopping centres, searching high and low and fighting over that Christmas card at your local newsagency, we’re going digital!

As promised, today we’re going to excite the eyes with a Christmas feast of GIF’s. It’s said that a picture says a thousand words, If that’s the case, how much will the right GIF say on Christmas day? We’ve done a bit of GIF digging to help you stay the favourite this Christmas.  

Let’s start with the creatures of Christmas because who doesn’t love a bit of cute fluff on their Christmas day? Type “christmas” and “animals” to find these dog heavy yet seasonal GIFs for a Beem It gift card:

Use this one for a bit of Christmas inspo for Dad.

Them bestie feels in an animal Christmas GIF.

This one is just awesome! I can’t imagine anyone not loving this one. It’s my spirit animal on Christmas.


Dogs not your thing? You can’t think about Christmas without thinking about the good ol’ Christmas movie.  What better movie is there (and in GIF form) than ‘Love actually’. So many Christmas emotions that you can express all from the one movie:

For all you love birds out there.

And because there is a rock star in all of us, especially when you want someone to feel extra on top of the world.

This one is a great way to ensure you let that special someone know that you are putting in that extra effort in for them.

Also Hugh Grant’s butt must be a win for someone in your life.

It also might be worth breaking the mould a little this Christmas. It’s been a weird year, so why not send them a weird GIF to match?

There’s always a Spongebob fan in your life right?

Why not get the party started (but in digital gift card form) with some Sax with Santa.

Make them get extra excited about your gift card when they shower themselves with presents they actually want.

Finally, we’re not sure what this one is for, but good luck and all power to you if you manage to pull this one off when gifting.

There are honestly so many GIFS. Thank you internet and thank you Beem It for giving us the joy to make unwrapping gifts that extra bit more fun and easier. 

Let us know what GIF you used and whether it’s worked or not? Otherwise we hope you have a Merry Christmas. 

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