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Dreading the Christmas rush? Wondering how you’ll get your uncle in WA their Christmas gift? Thankfully, Beem It has come up with an easy contactless solution this Christmas for all your distant and not so distant relatives, with the new gift card feature. 

From your scary in-laws, to the crazy cousins and all the quirky family members in between, Beem It has you covered. Along with being a quick and easy gift, Beem It has made it so you can personalise the card (right down to the message and animation). You can truly show you really know them. The best part is, they don’t even have to be on Beem It (although we’d love them to be). 

So, to help you curate the perfect gift, we’ve put together some suggestions of what we think are the best gift card GIFs and stickers to add to your personalised gift card send.


Magic Mum

First off, for the most important woman in everyone’s life. As usual, she’s been amazing throughout the year, taking care of close to everything (working, reminding you of everyone’s birthdays and helping babysit your pet pug, just to name a few). Somehow she still manages to organise Christmas and have presents ready for the whole family. In fact, she’s probably done one extra this Christmas and is preparing your favourite (Pavlova) for Christmas lunch. 

So, why not bring the laughs with a funny GIF (like the one above). Everyone else will probably get her a heartfelt card, but with Beem It you can go one better. We would also recommend getting her an Endota Spa gift voucher or a Luxury escapes voucher, because she deserves a bit of ‘R & R’.


Dear old Grandad

He sits there slowly drinking that one Christmas whiskey for the entire day and you still think he’s the greatest. He’s also not the best with technology, so how can you show him you really care? Spend some quality time with him and send him a Beem It gift card. Make him feel special by helping him get adept at technology that is going to help him feel closer to you. Get him a Woolworths or a Dymocks gift card. We think he’ll find it useful and cared for, especially if he’s still trying to stay socially distanced. We recommend pairing it with the ‘Cool Santa’ gift card. 

For bonus points, you could also split the cost directly with your siblings and cousins on Beem It. You might be able get some extra money on that gift card for him.


Ya Sis’

She’s your partner in crime and knows all about Beem It. You know her very well, so you got to get something good. We reckon she’ll be one of the easiest to gift for. You’ve got so much choice with over 50 gift cards, so we’ll just let you choose the best retailer for her. Pair it with a carefully selected GIF that says “I have all the dirt on you”. My sister and I grew up with ‘Home Alone’, so I have to suggest the classic as a GIF here. 


Too-cool for school cousin

You know the cousin you see on social media all the time? They look really cool and you were praying not to get them in the family secret santa. Thankfully, you’re not only covered with Beem It gifting, you have the chance to become the favourite cousin.

We suggest you show them how tech savvy you are with one of Beem It’s unique stickers, like the crab. This also happens to be one of the Beem It family favourites! They’re most likely to be fashionable, so you can’t go wrong with a gift card from THE ICONIC.


The burger to your fries/Your ride or die/Your partner in crime

Despite your unspoken agreement of no gifts, your best friend decides to surprise you on Christmas eve. What are you going to do? You’re not going to see them until after Christmas but you can’t let them one-up you. Luckily, you can give that thoughtful present on Christmas day with Beem It’s instant delivery. Why not treat them to an experience you can both enjoy with a Red Balloon voucher. 


Christmas bonus

Did you know you can now add credit cards to Beem It to pay for your gift cards? That’s right! Instead of only being able to use a debit card, we now allow credit cards in the app to help with your gift card shopping. 

Hopefully we’ve given you some inspiration for your upcoming gifting season! From the entire Beem It team, we hope that you have a great Christmas.

If you have any ideas or suggestions on how we can improve connecting with each other, whether it’s an app innovation or something we could do at work, we would love to hear from you. We're working harder than ever to ensure you continue to have the best Beem It experience possible. Please share any other ideas that you would like us to incorporate into our next blog post here


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