30 MARCH 2020

Comfort in confinement - Beem It Iso-liberation.

10 MARCH 2020

React to payments to make everyone feel good

27 FEBRUARY 2020

Beem It has a leapy ( AKA someone that has their birthday on leap year 😊 )

20 FEBRUARY 2020

Money does buy happiness...Kinda. The best Valentines descriptions #Splithappens

18 FEBRUARY 2020

University survival rule number 1

12 FEBRUARY 2020

How to split expenses with your significant other

11 FEBRUARY 2020

Split the bill this valentines

11 FEBRUARY 2020

Gift with Beem It this Lunar new year

30 JANUARY 2020

I will start using loyalty cards because of Beem It.

30 JANUARY 2020

2019 was an epic year, you might find some surprises...

27 JANUARY 2020

How to avoid awkward money chats with mates

20 JANUARY 2020

New Year, New You - how to help achieve your money resolutions

9 JANUARY 2020

Beem It hits 1 million downloads! And counting...

8 JANUARY 2020

Give the gift of cash with Beem It

10 DECEMBER 2019

Donate to The Smith Family simply by giving a gift


Have you heard these IOU horror stories?

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